Learning Sessions

Learning Sessions are individually planned learning times.  They are based on a child’s and young adult’s needs and implement strategies that are ‘best practice’ and that we know works for children and young adults with special needs.  They are conducted in a sensory calm place, where colour, lights, sounds and smells are minimal.  We recognise that there is a need for movement and the pace of the session is influenced by our student’s communication, both verbal and non-verbal, such as their stimming.   Our learners are aware of the activities that they are going to participate in, as each learning session begins with an introduction of the Visual Timetable.   We talk about the demands of the activity, prior and during and evaluate it after it’s completed.  Nothing is unknown.  During the learning session, there is one to one attention.  Activities are not only related to reading, writing, spelling, punctuation, grammar and numeracy but the focus of our sessions can also be social skills, comprehension and executive functioning skills. For our younger students; the goals of the learning sessions are guided by our Educational Assessment conducted with your child, the child’s Individual Learning Plan and the parent’s goals for their child.  We work in collaboration with the school and the class teacher.  All our teachers have professional and personal knowledge of special needs and special education.

Our services include:

Daily Living Skills

Navigating the Classroom and the Skills required

Academic Skills

Social Skills

The Art of Conversation

STEM Projects

Advocating for your child in the School Setting

NDIS Applications, Planning and Review Assistance